Hi I'm Jennifer Lynn

I’ve been working in women’s holistic health since 2008.  I’ve always had an interest in women’s empowerment, and the best way I can do that is to teach women about what is really going on in their bodies.

Over the years more and more women came to me presenting with different reproductive issues, as they’d heard about my great success rates in helping conception.  

 I’m an Ayurvedic massage therapist, and I use their philosophy and energy points (marmas) when I teach women about self massage.

I’m a Reflexologist trained in fertility, pregnancy and reproductive reflexology.

 I went to the USA in 2013 to study The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy.  It was something I’d been reading about for years, and I was fascinated to learn womb massage.  I soon discovered it wasn’t just the Mayan people but in fact most ancient cultures had their own abdominal massage, and they understood the importance of it.  I LOVE teaching this wisdom to women.

In more recent years, particularly after my own journey to get pregnant, I discovered the power that led in doing mind-body and deep emotional work with women.  I truly believe that was the key to me getting pregnant for the first time at age 40 with my son Zack, and again at age 42 with my daughter Daisy.



Periods a pain?


My Fertile Flow™ method is a good place to start.
You will learn Maya massage of the womb + marma and reflexology points to stimulate at certain times of your cycle.
You will make best friends with your cycle by getting to know her like you never have before!
You will give your womb love and attention every single day.
And you will uncover the emotional blocks that are at the very core of your period problems.
If you need a menstrual cycle mama guiding and supporting you, that’s me!



Want to get pregnant?

Trying to conceive?

Month after month of your period arriving and that negative test…girl, I know, I’ve been there and its the worst!

If you’re feeling hopeless, please know that all is not lost…especially if you have yet to look at the emotional attachments that affect your fertility.

Whether you have been trying for years, or just getting started, I have a plan to help you!  

I can’t promise it will be easy, and sadly I can’t promise a baby (not even the best fertility doctors in the world can), but I can promise that YOU will feel and BE different after these sessions with me.

So if you’re ready to stop peeing on sticks and scrolling forums for opinions and would like to work with someone who is empathetic to your journey, but at the same time tells you like it is and motivates you do take your life into your own hands, then let’s work together to make you the most fertile version of you possible!



Your Inner Oil Goddess

Want to get started with essential oils?
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just getting to know me?

Here are some free resources!


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Essential oils for fertility

Plant medicine is one of the oldest forms of healing and it can have a positive effect on your mind, body and emotions.

In this guide I share with you 10 ways essential oils can help your fertility 


balance your hormones

Toxin Free Body Care

One of the first key steps in balancing your hormones is to reduce the toxic load on your body. Your liver needs to be able to filter out unnecessary hormones in your body or you end up with a host of uncomfortable symptoms.  This guide will help you easily replace your everyday home and body products with essential oils!


free masterclass

Start your own essential oils business from home

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