Traditional Balinese Massage – 2 day practitioner course with Lynn Doak

I spent time in Bali studying Traditional Balinese Massage & Spa Therapies at one of the leading CIBTAC accredited Spa Schools, therefore you can be sure this course is true to the traditional origins of the massage. I hope to give all students of Balinese Massage a little taste of Bali here in Portadown! This course will not only include the practical massage lesson, but also the history and the culture of Bali, as well as energetic and physical preparation for the massage therapist (only thing I can’t provide is the weather!)


About the course

Balinese Massage consists of a combination of techniques from various cultures including traditional massage techniques which were performed by traditional healers known as Balians – local people would visit these healers who would use massage amongst other traditional remedies to heal all kinds of ailments. Some of these traditional techniques have been passed down through the generations and are still used in the Balinese massage of today.

However the Balinese massage we know today comprises of techniques from many different cultures including Ayurvedic techniques from India, Acupressure from China, beautifying massage from Java and muscle relaxing techniques from Europe (Swedish massage). It is the combination of all these techniques which makes Balinese massage special, however it is also the lineage of these ancient healing techniques which makes it magical.

Included in this course is how to perform a full body traditional balinese massage treatment, including beginning the treatment with a floral foot bath, and ending the treatment with a hair treatment and therapeutic scalp massage.

I would advise all new massage therapists to take this course as it teaches some very different techniques to Swedish Body Massage – these techniques not only feel great for the client, but will help your longevity as a massage therapist. The student will learn how to safely use knuckles, forearms and elbows for deeper work with less strain to their fingers, thumbs and wrists. I will also cover physical preparation (stretching, correct body posture) as well as energetic preparation (meditation & prayer).

In this course the student will discover:

-the history and principles of Balinese massage
-the benefits of massage
-contraindications to massage
-massage mediums
-review of the five main massage techniques
-Balinese traditional massage techniques
-deep tissue techniques using forearms, elbows
-energetic preparation & meditation
-stretching & acupressure
-therapist care and posture
-preparing a traditional Balinese foot bath
-a therapeutic head massage
-how to perform a full body traditional Balinese massage

Course Objectives: the student will learn how to perform a full body Traditional Balinese massage and receive a Practitioner’s Certificate.

Pre-requisites: Body Massage or Beauty Therapy Level 3 qualification
OR if you are not qualified you can take a Body Massage theory & Anatomy Physiology course through me at no additional charge – this requires home study through an online portal

Course Dates:  Friday 21st & Saturday 22nd February 2020 9am-5pm
Course Duration: 2 Days
Investment: £250 – this includes an therapeutic essential oils kit with oils used in the massage

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