Why choose Complementary Therapies?

Nowadays, people are becoming more aware of complementary therapies, and how they can benefit us. Complementary therapies are also recognized as alternative medicine/therapy, natural therapy or holistic therapy- and cover an extensive range of treatments.

Complementary Therapies aim to treat the whole person, as opposed to an individual illness or number of symptoms. By doing so, we work on an overall physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. These therapies could be said to be a lifestyle approach as opposed to a one-time fix, and generally, over time you will begin to feel well-balanced, with a clear head, calm mind, and a relaxed body- all of which lead to more amazing benefits such as better/deeper sleep, improved moods, increase in energy etc.

At Devata we offer a wide range of holistic therapies, with over 40 different treatments including Massage Therapies, Ayurveda Therapies, Reflexology, and Ear Candling.

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