In 2016 I am launching the new fertility program I have been working on over the past few months.

There will be a slight difference as to how I am working these appointments.  I plan to take on a limited number of people and work with them exclusively for 3-4 months.  I feel this will be much more beneficial to you as you will see me every single week of your cycle so we can fully implement all the different treatments.  What i’m finding now is that perhaps someone only has one appointment booked per month, and because it was booked so far in advance we guessed when they would be ovulating so we could do the massage around the uterus, but when timing was off, appointments had to be cancelled or re-arranged, it wasn’t ideal.

I have devised a treatment plan which will incorporate my full holistic fertility therapy, broken into different weeks, depending on your cycle.

Holistic Fertility Therapy is a treatment I have devised combining Reflexology, Maya Abdominal Massage, Ayurvedic Massage, Fertility Massage and more.  The program will also include a weekly nutrition plan and supplement guide, self-care routines for you to do at home, protocols for naturally regulating periods and treating conditions such as Endometriosis, PCOS and more.  Plus instead of loading you full of too much information on the first appointment, I will give you one thing to work on each week, which will make it much easier for you to implement.

Do you want to book your first consultation with me, and join the Program in 2016?
Some of my current clients have already signed up to this program, so I have very few spaces left for the January-April 2016 group.

But don’t worry if you do not get into this program, or you cannot commit to weekly appointments with me, you can still see Aisling, Rita & Sara for fertility reflexology appointments as and when necessary – although we recommend once a week for at least 2 cycles to help to bring everything into balance.

For those of you who would like to work exclusively with me, I have these few appointments left for a first consultation (2 hours) and at this appointment we will schedule you in weekly from Jan-April.

I HAVE LIMITED APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE IN DECEMBER & JANUARY FOR THE FIRST CONSULTATION.Please give me a call to book one of these appointments or use the online booking which can be found on the homepage of this website.

The weekly sessions will mostly be one hour appointments (£45), or some weeks if you or I feel you need a longer 90 minute (£65).

Lynn Doak