Emotion Code for Fertility

The Emotion Code is the simplest way to get rid of your emotional baggage, helping you feel freer, happier and healthier!

The Emotion code can be used for a wide variety of problems, but in my practice I use it to help women with infertility issues a and with fears surrounding pregnancy and birth.

What is a blocked or trapped emotion? Well in simple terms its an old trauma, a past hurt, something that you have experienced but not fully dealt with at the time.

The body remembers, some say our issues are in our tissues, meaning we can hold onto the energy of these past events deep in our cells and molecules. It may not even be that old a buried emotion. We know the emotional roller coaster that the fertility journey can be, and its likely you have brand new fresh trapped emotions that have come up from your recent struggles.

You may even have trapped emotions from things that didn’t even happen to you. Perhaps your sister had a miscarriage and seeing what she went through left an emotional scar on you. Or perhaps your best friend told you of her horrific giving birth story, and even though you really want a baby, your subconscious mind is burying all the fear you felt when hearing that story.

Or maybe deep down you feel you won’t be a good mother, you won’t be able to cope with a baby either emotionally or financially, or you fear you won’t get the support you need from your partner or family. All these worries and fears, your body will hold onto.

Emotional blocks from the subconscious mind which may be preventing pregnancy success usually stem from:

  • Fears, worries about not being able to get pregnant.
  • Fears, worries about pregnancy, birth or being a parent.
  • Pregnancy losses: miscarriages, abortions, death of a child.
  • Traumas from previous births
  • Frustration, disappointments and anger from failed Assisted conception treatments
  • Old relationship dramas not let go of.
  • Issues with your own mother or birth.
  • History of sexual or emotional abuse.
  • And of course the physical problems that prevent some women from conceiving, the most common being PCOS, Endometriosis or Fibroids. Energy medicine teaches that many physical obstructions begin as energy disturbances and emotional wounds.

The Emotion Code uses specific questioning and muscle testing to get answers from the subconscious about trapped emotions that need to be cleared. As soon as a trapped emotion is identified, it is ready to be released.

To do this, The Emotion Code combines important elements: the modern technology of therapeutic magnets and the Ancient principles of Chinese Medicine. A magnet acts as a powerful carrier for your intention to release the emotion. If that magnetically charged intention energy is placed into the body via the Governing Meridian (a major energy channel in the acupuncture system), it is blasted through the body instantly and releases the emotion!

The great thing is, Emotion Code sessions can be done remotely, so I can work with you regardless of where you are in the world, via Zoom

Investment:  £250 for a block of 4 sessions by Zoom – I can work with you wherever you are in the world!

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