What is your desire?

Have a baby

Balance your hormones

Reduce PMS symptoms naturally?

Come off hormonal birth control?

Reduce period pain and heaviness?

Ease digestive discomforts?

Recover from miscarriage?

Improve egg quality

Prepare for IVF?

Release childhood trauma?

Heal the mother wound?

Believe in your body and trust your baby is coming?

Deeply heal so you can step into the shoes of the woman you truly are without the baggage and fear!


Maybe you’re feeling like I was…

At age 39 I felt hopeless because I’d been told I had “unexplained infertility” and I longed to have a baby with my husband.

Maybe you know the problem isn’t physical, and sense you need to do deeper work than just fertility drugs or fertility diets!

Or maybe you know your hormones are out of whack and things need to change in order for you to conceive 
You know that there are issues that need to be resolved in your body and you want to try the natural approach first because you’re a smart lady and know its the safest, kindest option to your body….and guess what, often the most effective!

What is the key to getting pregnant?

It's NOT restrictive diets, standing on your head after sex or doing more medical treatments when they've already failed multiple times...

I believe to master your fertility you embrace the mind-body connection....

In all of our physical problems, lies a root emotional cause.

I want to help you uncover, repair and restore your body and mind.

And assist you in releasing trapped emotions that you are holding in your body.

If that sounds good to you....I would be honoured to work with you.

What are trapped emotions?

Stressful situations cause emotions to become trapped or lodged in parts of the body.  When this happens your energy around that area becomes blocked.  When your energy isn’t able to flow freely around your body, your blood and lymph flow becomes stagnant and that can be a cause of imbalance or even dis-ease, particularly to the reproductive system.  

Poor blood flow = failure to ovulate and failure to implant your embryo in your womb.

My sessions work to alleviate your stress, release your trapped emotions and restore blood flow and harmony to the hormones and reproductive system.

What will the Fertile Woman Program do for you?

It will help you understand your menstrual cycle, the messages your womb is giving you and how to keep your stress low and your hormones balanced

It will help energetically shift and release blocks in your body and mind that are preventing you from getting pregnant…yes your body really does hear your mind!

It will help by reprogramming your mind from fear to calm and allow you to release those old stories you tell yourself every day.

It will improve blood, lymph and energy flow around your reproductive organs to help ovulation, implantation, improved libido and overall fertility

Take a peak inside the program...

Module One: Understanding your Cycle

Ever wonder just how your cycle SHOULD be? Do you need to ovulate on day 14? Can you get pregnant with a very long or short cycle? What is that white stretchy mucus that shows up? Can you get pregnant without it? What the hell is FSH? What’s all the fuss about Progesterone? This module will help you get in touch with your feminine cycle and allow it to give you the vital clues it holds to your fertility

Module Two: Womb Wisdom

In this module we dive deep into your feminine centre, your womb. We learn what your period should look like and find out why some women have awful periods and others come and go with no issues. You are going to learn how to love and care for your womb and in turn help implantation to take place – failure to implant is why so many medical treatments fail – learning how to support the womb lining is key to your pregnancy success.

Module Three: The Stress Hormone Mess

Your stress hormones affect your reproductive hormones, it’s as simple as that.
Regardless of how difficult you think it will be, you do need to address your stress.
Don’t worry, I’m not just going to tell you to sit and meditate for an hour a day (although that would help!)
Instead I will give you my tried and tested protocols on how to reduce cortisol and balance oestrogen/progesterone in the process!

Module Four: Changing Your Mind

One of the hardest things for most of the women I work with, is the constant mind chatter they experience telling them – “this is never going to happen, I’m never going to be a mother, I’m such a failure….”
What most women don’t know is that changing those programs in your mind, is really key. I have seen many women get pregnant after following this step alone! You will learn simple tools to rewire, reprogram and help you feel more positive on this tough journey. I am sharing my favourite, most simple and EFFECTIVE tool for this!

Module Five: Emotional Blocks Be Gone

You may not be aware that when you experience an emotional trauma, the energy of that becomes lodged or trapped in your body. In my practice I commonly pull trapped emotions of abandonment, betrayal, guilt, sadness, anger and more out of women’s wombs, ovaries, tubes, and heart….This module will teach you how to uncover your trapped emotions and clear them for good. I believe this is the huge block that is standing in the way between many women and their babies, I know it was for me, and i’ll share my story of how I became pregnant after just 8 weeks of applying this technique.

Module Six: Expecting Your Baby

This is my favourite part!  When we bring it altogether and your mind and body is SO baby ready that you know with deep down certainty you are going to be a mother.  The changes in you will be subtle but by the end of this program, you will be thee most fertile version of yourself, mind, body & spirit.

I like to keep the details of this last module under wraps.  It’s very special, and not something you will find anywhere else!


What will I receive during 1:1 sessions with you?

You will receive my support in any way you need it.  My sessions include many different healing modalities which I have combined into my own Fertile Woman Massage™ treatment.

There is body massage focusing on energy points that flow through your body, to assist blood and lymph flow and to remove energetic blockages.

Traditional Maya Abdominal Massage, Womb Massage, Sacral Massage, and Reflexology are fused together and I very much work intuitively each session.

There are various energy techniques to assist in releasing trapped emotions and stress in your mind and body.  

And finally there is my own mind-body coaching which is like accessing your subconscious and changing the script in your mind.

I’ll also help you practically with understanding your hormones, cycles and periods.


In short the Fertile Woman™ treatment is a fusion of bodywork, energy work, emotional release, reflexology, mind-body connection and coaching on your menstrual cycle.  It’s all encompassing and it’s just what you need to see the results you desire!

Want to book a call with me and find out if this is program is a good fit for you?

I will be in touch soon!