My signature massage 

Fertile Woman Massage ™ is my signature massage treatment for womens wellness.

It’s not only for women trying to get pregnant, it can be enjoyed by and beneficial to all women from Menarche to Menopause including Pregnancy and Post Natal

The treatment is adapted to your individual need and will include therapeutic massage and reflexology – see below for full details on the treatment


My Areas of Expertise

Period Problems
Pregnancy & Post Natal
Hormones Balance
Chronic Pain & Fatigue
Anxiety, stress, insomnia




How I treat you?

The treatment may include:

  • Specialist Ayurvedic Marma (vital point) massage using appropriate oils for your body type – this massage works various parts of the body depending on your needs and may include feet, legs, back, arms, hands, belly, head.
  • Abdominal Sacral massage – the belly is the second brain and the most important part of a woman to be massaged as it homes the womb, the digestive organs, bladder, liver, spleen and diaphragm.  Blood flow throughout the pelvis and hips is vital to health
  • Maya Abdominal Massage – to gently care for the womb – this is so beneficial for period problems, infertility and post natal
  • Foot Reflexology to bring balance to all the body systems and calm the mind
  • Essential oils for hormone balance and specific conditions
  • Visualisations and affirmations for healing
  • Advice on appropriate supplements, self care massage and essential oils to bring balance on a daily basis

You are required to fill out an intake form and take a questionnaire when you book your appointment.

Please note:

This treatment may help with the symptoms of conditions but should not be considered a cure or diagnostic tool.

If you have a medical history of cancer, heart disease, diabetes or oesteoporisis I will need a GP letter of consent to treatment (you can contact me for this)

Sorry but I cannot perform this treatment on anyone who is currently receiving Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy.

I cannot perform this treatment for at least 8 weeks after abdominal surgery (including C-section) and possibly longer depending on surgery.
Please book my Whole Woman Reflexology treatment instead.





60 mins:  £50

75 mins: £65

90 mins: £80

90 minutes is required for your first appointment so a detailed consultation can be done as well as treatment.