Healthy Hormone Weight Loss Plan

An online program you can join from anywhere in the world and take in the comfort of your home, with online support in a private facebook group.

Are you ready to start 2020 and the new decade as the healthiest, happiest, hormonally balanced version of YOU?

You may not know this, but hormone imbalance contributes A LOT to weight gain and stubborn hard to shift weight, particularly in women in their fabulous 40s & 50s.  However hormone imbalance is also a major problem with younger women in their teens, 20s & 30s too.

My intention for this program is to provide women of all ages with a food plan which is specific for their hormonal needs.

We are not a one size fits all model.  Take the quiz below to find out your HORMONE TYPE.

What is your hormone imbalance?

This quick quiz is just 3 questions/statements to figure out where your hormone imbalance might lie.

It’s by no means a diagnostic tool, but can give you an idea of what might be going on hormonally.  Your results will also give you info on how you can start to bring back balance.

If you join the Healthy Hormone Plan you will get more comprehensive questions.  This will let me know how to personalise your food plan and essential oils to you.

is this program for you?

You have painful, irregular or absent periods

You are trying to get pregnant or want to transition off the pill

You have autoimmune, thyroid, digestive or reproductive problems

You are nearing or in the menopause

You are fatigued and often have low moods, you crave more energy and emotional stability

You are stressed, anxious and can’t sleep

You know you need to loose weight to feel better within yourself

You are looking for clean eating, clean living done-for-you plan that will completely reset your hormones and your body

Your personalised plan


When you join the Healthy Hormone Plan you will first fill out a comprehensive question form, scoring yourself 0-5 on various symptoms. 

This will give me an excellent picture of where your imbalances like and I will design and personalise a food plan for you.

If you are ready to reset your hormones and heal the root cause of your hormonal, digestive, weight, skin, fatigue, autoimmine, period and fertility problems, you are in the right place.

If you want the support of a women’s holistic health practitioner and a small group of women all struggling with hormone shizz, then you have definitely found your home.

If you are ready to make the switch to clean foods and products and in return have more energy, better sleep, glowing skin, better periods and shed those excess lbs….then let’s do this!

3 Steps to happy hormones

Step One:  CLEANSE

We start with a supportive liver cleanse and an anti-candida diet for 7 days.  Yes, that means no sugar but your hormones will be happier already after this first week!

You start taking your supplements daily (these are key to getting all the essential nutrients needed for healthy hormones) and you also start using your essential oils for support.

We will also cleanse your home and your mind!  Its a busy first week but just the thing to get you kicked into gear for the next 4 weeks.



You start your healthy hormone personalised plan – a done-for-you meal plan, shopping list, recipes and prep guide.

You’ll also learn about how important gut health is, and how to supplement your diet to ensure you are getting all the nutrients you need to keep your gut happy.

You will take another quiz, this time on your body constitution so we can work out a daily schedule for you to reduce overwhelm and stress and find which exercise is best for you.


Step Three:  REPROGRAM

Big changes will be happening already in your hormones.  Now we look at how to keep this a way of life, not just a diet.

We look at EMOTIONAL eating, stress eating and give you tools and techniques to eat intuitively instead.

You will be supported through each of these steps over a 4 week period.


Dedicate 4 weeks to the program and you should notice:

  • weight loss
  • reduced sugar cravings
  • better digestion, feeling less bloated
  • reduced PMS
  • better skin and hair
  • less brain fog
  • more energy
  • better sleep
  • better periods

Of course they all might not happen in just 4 weeks, but my intention is that you will feel so good on this program that you will want to continue as a way of life (with the odd cheat day of course!)

What will you get in this program?


complete with meal plans, recipes, shopping list & prep guide.


to guide, support and empower you to treat your body better


a months supply of essential oils and supplements to support the entire process


Are you ready for healthy, happy hormones?

The investment for everything;  the personalised meal plans, 1:1 consult, video trainings, support, community AND all the products you need:

You only pay for the products – everything else is complimentary to support you on your journey to transformation!

Seriously!  For the meal plans alone I’ve seen programs like this cost £300+

The Daily Habits Kit is just £191.75 + shipping and includes:

  • Lifelong Vitality Supplements – a trio of multivitamins, omega 3’s, cellular complex
  • Terrazyme – digestive enzymes to aid the breakdown of your food
  • Probiotics – gut health is key
  • + 5 x 5ml essential oils to support stress, fatigue, sugar cravings, mindset, mood and more!
  • Guidance on how to use essential oils and the other products
  • Free gifts…

I am also giving you a GIFT of a 15ml Smart & Sassy essential oil (The Metabolic Blend), a 10ml Zendocrine roller bottle (The Detoxification blend) AND a 10ml roller bottle of Clary Calm oil (Hormone support)

£191.75 is all you pay for ALL of this!

Ready to get started….we can ship to almost anywhere in the world – local shipping costs apply.

INVESTMENT:  £191.75 + shipping worldwide

If you are new to DoTerra essential oils you purchase a Daily Habits kit through me.

Click the book now button to fill out your details.  Payment will be taken on 1st Jan and I will email you to remind you before it goes out.

INVESTMENT:  A Daily habits kit or any 125 pv order if you already have the supplements.

You will need Lifelong Vitality Pack, Terrazyme + Pb Assist to do the program.   We will also be using Frankincense, Balance, Lemon, On Guard & Lavender oils.
You will get Smart & Sassy and a Zendocrine roller FREE when you place 125pv order!

In another DoTerra team?  Just let me know on the booking form and i’ll be in touch with how you can join in.

When and where?

Online – you can join us from anywhere in the world!

Your week 1 shopping list will be sent as soon as you book so you can get prepared.

Your week 1 meal plan and instructions on the supplements will be sent on 2nd January so you can start it right away if you want.

I’d advise starting on Monday 6th January to stay with the rest of the group.