Marma Abhyanga

Abhyanga means warm oil, Marmas are the energy points that run through the body, similar to Chinese meridian lines.
This ancient therapy combines pressure to specific marma (vital) points all over the body and yogic stretches of all joints. The massage manipulates healthy flow of energy through the body’s pathways and channels and delivery is personalised according to your needs.
Ayurvedic massage is quite different from what you have experience from a Swedish massage.  It uses much faster techniques, which are firm and rather than kneading muscles or working into specific areas of tension, it works on clearing the energy lines.
It is rhythmic, fast and stimulating, although still strangely relaxing.  A good Abhyanga massage should leave you feeling energised and renewed.   The oils used will be specific to your dosha (constitution – how you are made up), therefore having a deeply therapeutic effect on the body and mind.
This massage is wonderful for healing, releasing stress, fatigue and for detoxification.
Working on clearing and balancing the entire energy of the person, we like to think of it as Reflexology for the whole body!

The full body massage is 1 hour, however this doesn’t include any massage of the head, so we also offer a 1 hour 20 minute version, which begins (traditional Indian style) with you sitting on a chair and having the head, neck, shoulders and arms massaged.

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