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Hello darling!


The founder of Devata Holistic Centre, a certified teacher and an experienced holistic health practitioner for 15 years.  I’ve been supporting women through reproductive health challenges in my centre for years and in 2016 I also began working with women all over the world with fertility coaching and emotional healing.

I am super passionate about empowering women to understand their own bodies and the signals it is giving them.  I believe there is an emotional root to every physical problem and I am like a sleuth uncovering and assisting women to release and heal.

I am a proud mum of two, who I had at age 40 and 42, making me living proof that age is not a fertility diagnosis.  We may have fewer eggs as we get older, but its quality over quantity every time!

With this program my mission is to support and educate women on how they can improve their reproductive wellbeing in general, including the quality of their eggs, no matter what their age.

But the gold-dust of this program, I believe is improving how you THINK and FEEL about your fertility.  

That’s why this program covers the not only the physical, but the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects because you are truly an HOLISTIC being.


In this program we look at the Mind, the Body, the Emotions and the Spirit.  


Learn tools to access your subconsious mind and change your thoughts.  Your mind directly affects your body.  Changing your thoughts can change your physiology and even your life!


Learn how your emotions are the key to shifting your energy and manifesting what you deeply desire – a baby!


Learn about the essential nutrients your body needs  to keep your hormones happy, periods regular and to support a healthy pregnancy.


Learn to connect deeper with meditation,to  trust in divine timing, but also how to give your baby a little nudge to come sooner rather than later!

The online program will give you six weekly modules to follow and complete exercises to help get your mind, emotions and body baby ready.

Module 1


How long should your cycle be?  How long should you bleed for?  Why do you get PMS? How do you know when you ovulate?  When’s the best time to have sex?  How can you maximise your fertile time?
In week one we will deep dive into your menstrual cycle discovering how your periods and cycle can tell us a lot about what is going on with your fertility.  The more you know and understand about your body the better.

Module 2


The mind-body connection is very real and it DOES impact your physical fertility.  In this module we go deep into your subconscious mind and uncover what your deepest fears and worries are as these could be directly impacting your body.  I will give you the tools to easily switch your thoughts and replace the images in your mind with positive visualisations – think of this as the golden key to getting anything you want in life!  Change your thoughts, Change your life! (Louise L Hay)

Module 3


You may not realise it but stagnant energy from your past that you are holding onto may be an issue.  Emotions can become trapped in the physical body when we bury them and don’t address them.  I have uncovered and released a multitude of trapped emotions from women’s wombs, ovaries and fallopian tubes.  This module will teach you how to be a sleuth within your own energy body, identifying and clearing emotional wounds from years gone by…even generational emotions that belong to your parents or grandparents!

Module 4


This may be my favourite module!  I’m keeping the details of this very special module under wraps, but get excited about it, get very excited!

Module 5


Stress is without a doubt the biggest culprit in infertility today.  Most women think that’s just life.  Maybe you don’t even realise you are chronically stressed?  This module will explain to you just how vital it is to lower those cortisol levels – as they impact on ALL your other hormones and could be what is preventing you getting pregnant.  I will also give you some very simple, yet very effective stress relieving tools that you can apply in a matter of minutes to your day.


Module 6


Tired all the time?  Weight around your middle?  Acne on your period?  Irregular periods?  Low libido?  Mood swingtastic?
In this module I’m going to explain all about your hormones, what your symptoms mean and most importantly what you can do to help balance them!


These are my own protocols devised after years of working with women trying to conceive.  They include simple massage techniques you can do at home and visualisations to support the mind-body connection.

I designed these self care massage techniques to compliment the work I did with my fertility massage clients in between appointments.  You can use these on their own, however I do recommend if a Maya Abdominal or Fertility Massage Therapist is near you, to have professional treatments too.



Phase One


This is a quiet time to retreat and release.  Focus in this phase will be on releasing what no longer serves you, relieving sadness and feeling more positive about your period.  Massage will be gentle and focused on helping to shed the endometrial lining and preparing the hormones for the cycle ahead.

Phase Two


Nurture and nourish the growth of healthy eggs, stimulate the hormones to assist ovulation and start to prepare the womb lining.

Phase Three


Naturally stimulate ovulation and boost Progesterone levels.  Raise libido and energy levels for baby love making time.

Phase Four


Get the blood flowing to help your embryo find its home in your womb.  Relax the mind and body at this delicate time physically and emotionally.

Unlock the secret of why you haven’t been getting pregnant up until now….

The Holistic Fertility Journal

I believe journalling was the missing link in my own fertility journey.  When I adopted a regular daily ritual of pouring my deepest thoughts, emotions and desires onto paper, I became pregnant within 6 weeks of starting the practice.

With the holistic fertility journal, I have done the hard work for you, I have questions and prompts for you to write every day of the month.

When you do this work, I truly believe magical things can happen.  Trust in the process!

Get 1:1 support from me

Online programs are great, but nothing beats the support from a qualified and experienced practitioner like myself.

I am happy to provide 1:1 services to you whether you come to me in person at Devata Holistic Centre Portadown, or online via Zoom.

The sessions in Devata will be physical therapy including my own signature Women’s Wellness therapy, Arvigo Maya Abdominal Massage, Reproductive Reflexology, Aromatherapy and Energy work.

The Zoom sessions will include Emotion code – this is an energy healing therapy which uses muscle testing to determine where emotions are trapped in the body. 

I act as proxy for you so it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, the emotional clearing will be done with ease!   I will also provide fertility coaching on whatever you need:  charting your cycle, nutritional advice, subconscious mind work, positive visualisations, or just a listening ear!  Whatever you need.

I can’t wait to work with you during this precious time…

Join now…

frequently asked q’s

Can I work with you privately one to one?

Yes! I can work with you in person at Devata in Portadown, N-Ireland or anywhere in the world by Zoom.

What do the in person sessions involve?

If you see me at Devata Holistic Centre you will receive a combination of holistic therapies that help with fertility including Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Massage, Reproductive Reflexology and my own signature Women’s Wellness Massage with Aromatherapy oils.  I will also coach you through the online portion of the program, keeping you accountable and giving you “homework” – don’t worry its simply watching a video or writing in your journal!

What do the online zoom sessions involve?

The Zoom sessions mean I can work with  you wherever you live in the world!  These fertility coaching sessions will include Emotion Code (an energy healing therapy which uncovers and clears trapped emotions within the body), Rapid Transformational Therapy (a type of hypnotherapy to uncover and reprogram your subconscious mind) and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique – tapping points to clear the energy and emotional wounds).  I can also help you with understanding your basal body temperature charts if you are doing them.

How many private sessions are included with this program?

Via Zoom you will get 6 sessions for 2 x payments of £300 or one payment of £550.

The sessions in Devata are currently PAY AS YOU GO at just £75 per treatment!  You can come for as many or as little as you like however you will only get access to the online program if you are attending for 2 session per month for at least 3 months.  This will be more beneficial to you to come over a few menstrual cycles.

I have unexplained infertility - will this help?

When there’s nothing physical “wrong” then it makes sense to look at the emotional and the mental which this program is all about!  Stress is also a big culprit and there are so many ways this program can help reduce stress levels from releasing emotional stress through journalling to physical stress through deep breathing and massage.

I have endometriosis, pcos, fibroids or other reproductive disorders?

This program really looks at the WHOLE of the person, emotionally, physically, mentally – we look beyond any diagnosis and work to heal at the root of the problem.  I believe all dis-ease in the body has an emotional root cause, so yes, I believe this work will help you.  I have also found that regular abdominal massage, reflexology and the other holistic therapies you will learn in this program can help reduce the symptoms of these disorders.  Balancing your hormones by avoiding hormone disrupting products will also help.

Can this help with recurrent miscarriage?

Yes. While some miscarriages are unexplained, others do have a medical reason and while this program may not claim to help with any medical issues it will certainly give you the emotional support you need.  Stress AGAIN can be the issue here, so yes, it will help with that too.

Can I take this program while having assisted conception such as IVF or ICSI?

Yes! I have worked with many women going through assisted conception.  If you are working with me one to one I will cater the massage therapies accordingly depending where you are in treatment.  

If you are taking the online program, there will be a video explaining how the weekly protocols differ when you are going through treatment.

baby boy

Unexplained Infertility. 

I remember being so excited for my first appointment. I cried the whole way through it! For the first time I had spoken about so many things that I had kept hidden and to myself during my trying to conceive journey. Sometimes it’s easier to talk to a stranger! I remember coming out of that appointment feeling like I had lost half my body weight it was such a relief. Week after week I looked forward to the journaling tasks, the advice and of course the reflexology and massage…
Now I have a beautiful baby boy and I also have 3 frozen embryos which we hope to get the chance of using one day, and when that time comes, I will be knocking on Lynn’s door once again. – Maria –

baby girl

PCOS + Underactive Thyroid

We had been trying for a baby for nearly a year when I was diagnosed with underactive thyroid and polycystic ovaries. I am 35 and since coming off the pill, my periods became very irregular, my cycles were over 85 days long. It became quite an emotional roller coaster.  This program helped me to turn my negativity into positive thinking. What seemed like a block in my emotions for so long, has lifted off my shoulders all of a sudden. Just 3 days after finishing the program we got the a positive pregnancy test! I seriously couldn’t believe my eyes. We are so grateful to Lynn, without her we wouldn’t have come this far. – Kat –


Low ovarian reserve

When I first went to see Lynn I was feeling totally lost and hopeless.  My test results showed high FSH and low AMH. Doctors had put me on cycle after cycle of IUI while I was waiting for an appointment at the IVF clinic.  None of the IUI’s worked and the drugs left me feeling even more down.  At my IVF appointment they said I had poor ovarian reserve and that their only recommendation was donor eggs.  That was it.  They gave me no other advice or hope.  It was Lynn who gave me some hope.  She was the first to explain to me that I could help the egg quality through diet and even through visualisation! We decided to delay IVF for 3 months to prepare my mind and body.  I’m so glad we did because I got pregnant with TWINS! – Anon-

client care

Miscarriage – healing emotional wounds

I had a miscarriage and had been trying to get pregnant for a year before starting the program.  Doctors told me nothing was wrong, all my hormones were fine.  I had never heard about how emotional and mental blocks could affect fertility before I joined Lynn’s program.  She told me that one of the biggest emotional blocks which prevented pregnancy came from previous pregnancy losses.  When I thought about it, I hadn’t really dealt with the miscarriage.  I had just got on with things. Lynn helped me to release these emotional blocks and also helped to change how I thought and felt about getting pregnant. Instead of feeling worried and scared that I would miscarry again, I began to say the positive statements and do the visualisations and it really worked!  I DID feel so much more positive and believed I would get pregnant!  And I did!  -Christine –

fast work

2 years trying, pregnant in 6 weeks.

Just 6 weeks after starting the program, I found out I was pregnant after trying for almost 2 years! I am so delighted to finally let everyone know that I am 11 weeks pregnant. Had my scan last week and thankfully baby is doing well. I would just like to take this opportunity to thank Lynn from the bottom of my heart for the treatments I received because I do believe that without them this would never have happened. – Alison –