I have a brand new treatment that I have developed after many years of working with women for hormonal and fertility issues.

What will this treatment involve?

Well it’s more than just a massage….

It includes using specific essential oils for your condition or imbalance – 10 years of research and trial on these oils and the specific order they are applied has shown vast improvements on a wide range of physical and emotional issues.

I have also devised my own protocol of working energetic pressure points around the body which literally switch on and activate the hormone messenger loop.

This loop easily gets knocked off by stress, poor gut health, toxins in your food and body products and this protocol resets and rebalances the endocrine system.

Maya abdominal massage on the pelvis, sacrum and abdomen is used to get the blood flowing to the area again – many reproductive conditions including ovulation failure, endometriosis, fibroids and infertility can be caused or made worse by poor blood flow.

Reflexology points are also worked to reduce the stress hormones that have a knock on affect on all the other hormones.  Reflexology also carefully works with your menstrual cycle (or lack of) to regulate and rebalance.

If you want, we can also delve deeper into the emotional underlying root cause of your condition and start to work on healing those layers – the oils and abdominal massage alone will start the emotional healing process, but there are other things we can do to get it shifted fast!

Ideally you should have a 6 session block to see the most benefit but feel free to come and along and try it out first.  I do have limited availability until September 2019 but I am offering Sunday sessions so please contact me to book:  lynn@lynndoak.com or 07713 113517

1 hour, 15 mins:  £60