Post natal Mother Warming Massage

I’m 7 months post natal/post partum right now and I’m telling you, I still need some major maintenance – physically and emotionally!

I really should have known better and started my post natal healing much sooner, but with two babies to look after and a business to run, of course I only got around to me about 6 weeks ago.  I started Pilates (I have some serious Diastasis Recti and pilates is the best for that) and self abdominal massage with castor oil and essential oils. I’m also starting Bodyfit Mums in a few weeks to try to work on this belly that still looks pregnant (thanks to Diastasis Recti and I’ll be honest eating too much of the wrong thing!)

I did however use essential oils to help emotionally from about an hour after my daughter was born.

I was more weepy with this one than with my first, which was very strange since my first, my son has Down Syndrome and we had a lot to deal with after his birth but somehow I held it all together.

This time, my emotions were all over the place.

Mummy guilt was a big one.  Feeling bad for my son when I had to devote so much time to my newborn daughter.  And trying to juggle bedtime with the two of them when my husband was working late caused many many episodes of hysterical crying (by the baby sometimes but mostly by me!)

I had of course known about post natal massage and had heard about ceremonies used in other cultures known as “mother roasting” – this is basically when a woman/healer/or family member comes to look after the post-partum woman and gives her massage, makes her tea, draws her herbal baths, keeps her warm…yeah we don’t do that in this country.

Well…I decided I would do a slant on it here at Devata and create a post natal healing massage which combines a therapeutic massage with essential oils to soothe and balance the body, Maya abdominal therapy to help heal the womb after birth, reflexology to balance the hormones and some other little rituals…my own form of mother roasting.

You will be rubbed, soothed, anointed with oils, heated, and healed.

The oils used will not only help physically but emotionally too.  Goodbye birth trauma and mummy guilt!

I can do this treatment anytime from 6 weeks post natal after a vaginal birth as long as you have stopped bleeding but even if you are 6 months + post natal it’s still very beneficial.

Or 12 weeks from a C-section if the scar is well healed.  Did I mention, this massage also helps break down scar tissue?  Yay for us mums who gave birth from our abdomens….don’t you love that more than “I had a C-section”.  “I had an abdominal birth”!

The massage cannot be performed while bleeding post birth or on your period as I work around the womb.

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Lynn Doak
Women’s Wellness Practitioner

1 hour, 30 minutes:  £75