I have had a few ladies asking if we have the pregnancy massage beds here at Devata, and the simple answer is NO.

When you’re pregnant it seems like a miracle to be able to lie face-down, those so-called pregnancy massage tables ultimately do not serve you well, and can actually cause injury to your body or even your baby.

My reasons have to do with the mechanics of the spine and abdomen. Pregnancy massage tables are only able to be customized to a certain degree, which means you will likely be lying over a hole that’s too wide, too narrow, too deep or too shallow for your body at any given stage in your pregnancy. Essentially, while lying face-down, there are two situations:

1.  The gap is loose and does not apply pressure on your belly, but the weight of your uterus will be pulling your abdomen into the hole, increasing the curve of your lumbar spine and adding to the stress on your sacral and uterine ligaments. This effect is increased even further if a massage therapist were to press down, working the muscles of your lower back. Pregnancy already creates a tendency toward increased spinal curvature and ligament tension; this is quite likely one reason you’d like a massage right now, and I would much rather help alleviate that discomfort, instead of compounding it.

2.  Your belly and spine are well supported, but the trade-off is that the weight of your body and any added pressure from a massage therapist’s hands are translated directly into compressing your abdomen and uterus.

These concerns also apply to the cut-outs provided for your enlarged and tender breasts, which are likely not to appreciate either compression or dangling.

At Devata we do pregnancy massage in the SIDELYING POSITION.  This might seem as though it wouldn’t be as effective as lying on your stomach but it really is, in fact there are many lovely stretching movements that a therapist can only do sidelying.  I think its a very relaxing, rewarding massage for everyone to receiving sidelying – not just pregnant ladies!

The other concern of the pregnancy tables, especially when used at larger Spa’s – the therapists are able to perform exactly the same massage as they would to a non-pregnant person, therefore the theory is they will not require any specific training in Pregnancy massage – however there is more to pregnancy massage than just knowing the massage movements.  There are specific pressure to points to avoid, and also points to work to help with nausea, oedema, cramps etc.  A Swedish massage therapist will most likely not be aware of these.

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