Aromatherapy Box: Family Essentials




Introductory kit 5ml Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint + 4 signature roller blends:

DOUBLE DEFENSE – protects against environmental threats while supporting healthy immune function. Use daily to keep up your guard!

Directions: roll onto bottoms of feet and/or back of neck, or down spine at least 3 times daily

BREATHE BETTER – supports maintaining clear airways and common winter ailments

Directions: roll onto chest and/or balls of the feet every night or as often as needed throughout day

SOOTHING STOMACH – supports healthy digestion and soothes occasional stomach upset, indigestion, wind etc

Directions: roll onto stomach as often as needed

SLEEP SOUNDLY – the best oils for calming and relaxing in this blend, to help you enjoy a restful nights sleep.

*NOTE if any of these blends are to be used on children please let me know their ages so I can use the appropriate number of drops.

Only £45

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