Aromatherapy Box: Oils for Babies



In aromatherapy babies should not be treated like little humans, they need particular oils chosen for their gentleness with only a minimal amount of drops. These blends are all ones I have used personally with my own babies.

TUMMY TROUBLES – soothes digestive discomfort and promotes healthy digestion (especially important for c-section babies)

Directions: roll onto the tummy as needed

TENDER TEETH: Assists with gum discomfort

Direction: roll onto the OUTSIDE of jawline as needed

FEVER FIGHTER: Cools a baby’s skin when they overheat

Directions: roll onto babies spine as needed

SWEET DREAMS – Promotes a restful sleep

Directions: roll onto back of neck and spine every night after bath. Can also be used for baby massage

You can contact me to purchase the full size of the oils in any of these blends when you run out, because you will fall in love with them!

Only £45

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