Aromatherapy experience box


This box of aromatherapy goodies is to be used alongside our online AROMATHERAPY EXPERIENCE

Held on the last Sunday of every month at 3pm in a private facebook group, this live online interactive event will show you everything you need to know about using and blending essential oils for you and your family.

Plus learn tools and techniques to help yourself including acupressure points, self massage, breathing etc

Your box will include everything you need to make blends for that months topic in our live experience + some surprise goodies

FRAZZLED FEMALE (fatigue, low energy, anxiousness, emotionally low) – SEPTEMBER 2020

HOME ESSENTIALS (immune, respiratory, digestive, head & neck tension) – OCTOBER 2020

HAPPY HORMONES (PMS, period discomforts, fertility, menopause) – NOVEMBER 2020

Order your box for any of these online experiences now and you will be emailed details for the event.

Aromatherapy boxes include a 1 year wholesale account with DoTerra, saving you 25% off any purchases – therefore they are not available to anyone who already has their own account.

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