Metabolism kit (oils only)


Metabolism Kit

All the essential oils you need to cleanse and detoxify your system, balance hormones and master your metabolism and weight.


  • Lemon 15ml
  • Adaptiv 15ml
  • Zendocrine 15ml
  • Zengest 15ml
  • Smart & Sassy 15ml
  • 1:1 wellness consult by phone/zoom to go over how to use your oils and your Top 3 health concerns
  • 1 year wholesale account with doTERRA – order anytime, cancel anytime, no selling required
  • Free oil guide with cleaning recipes on how to clean each room of your home!
  • “I got my oils now what” guide on how to use them and 2 pages of essential oil blends
  • £142 + shipping


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DoTerra Essential oils stand out from the rest by their purity and potency


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