This great value treatment begins with a seated Ayurvedic Head Massage.  The hot herbal compresses will be introduced to the shoulders to warm the muscles, then you will lie face down on the couch and have the hot herbal compresses pummelled deep into the tissues.  This has many benefits including, relieving aching muscles and joints, working deeply into tension, warming and relaxing, plus the therapeutic benefits of the herbs.

Normally, the Hot Herbal Compress Back massage alone is £40 and is 40mins long, but for this offer, you not only get the back massage but an added 20 minute seated head, neck, shoulder and arm massage, 1 hour long – ALL THIS FOR ONLY £37!

Pinda Sweda


OFFER AVAILABLE FOR THE NEXT 2 WEEKS – not to be used in conjunction with any other offer (i.e. 20% off)