Traditional Balinese Massage

Back in 2011 I spent the summer in Bali, Indonesia studying Balinese massage and spa treatments in one of the leading CIBTAC accredited schools in the country.

It was such an amazing experience and I learned so much as a massage therapist.  While the technique of Balinese massage is quite simple, it has such an effect because its working directly to clear the energy lines (meridians).  The massage traditionally begins with a foot bath  – this is because the Balinese believe we carry a lot of negative energy on our feet (very true).  The client will then get under a sarong and their body will be stretched and pressure points worked to open the energy body.

A full body massage follows, the strokes are long and slow and sometimes deep.  Forearms and elbows are used to soothe aching limbs.

After taking a break from these type of treatments to focus mainly on my work with fertility and pregnancy, I have decided to return Traditional Balinese to Devata.

Balinese Full Body Massage

The full body massage is a deeply therapeutic massage where the body is stretched and shiatsu points worked to open the energy body then a full body massage using traditional Balinese massage techniques (long, slow, and sometimes deep).

Added is the therapeutic benefit of essential oils, the aroma will transport you to the far east and the oils chosen provide benefit for lymphatic drainage, muscle tension and deep relaxation.
1 hour 15 minutes and £55 

Traditional Balinese Massage Ritual

This includes the full body massage as described above PLUS a welcome foot bath with foot scrub, a mini lifting facial with pure Jasmine oil and foot reflexology.
2 hours:  £80

As Appointments only available with me (Lynn) there may be limited availability at times and I advise booking well in advance for the Ritual package.

You can check the online booking system or give me a call on 07929 726402

Om swastiastu (peace and greetings)
Lynn xo