Women’s Bodymind Consultation
Hey lady!


What is your body trying to tell you?

  • Is it in pain?
  • Is it inflammed or swollen?
  • Do you find it difficult to digest food?
  • Is your breathing restricted?
  • Is your mind anxious and your thoughts racing?
  • Do you find it impossible to switch off and sleep?
  • Do you dread your monthly period?
  • Are your mood swings making you crazy?
  • Do you feel down more than up?

As awful as you may feel, you should thank your body for giving you a clear message that it needs some help.

If you feel out of balance and alignment with your physical or emotional health, please book in for a Women’s BodyMind consultation with me.

I can help you understand how your thoughts and emotions ARE affecting your health.

We can reach for the root cause of any problems you are having, and develop a lifestyle overhaul and a holistic treatment protocol to help bring your BodyMind back into it’s natural state of balance.

During this appointment, we will discover what dosha you identify with, what foods, lifestyle & self care practices, holistic massage and essential oils you need to balance the body and mind so that your natural health can emerge.

This is for the woman who feels depleted and wants her life back.

This is for the woman who is tired of her hormones being out of whack.

Tired of suffering with pain, inflammation, insomnia, weight gain

This is for the woman who is tired of the medical profession’s “band aid” quick “fixes”.

She knows there’s a better way and she’s ready to do the work to change and reap the rewards.

Are you ready?